4D Korean-Tech Misko Nose

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4D Korean-Tech Misko High Nose

4D Korean High Nose (Misko Nose Scaffolder) stressed that no scars, no surgical incision; 4D can target “”point, line, surface”” 3D (Three-dimensional space) nose correction. Recreate the natural beautiful, detailed and perfect delicate nose.

Treatment Features
(1) Five minutes, shorter operation time
The patented method to shorten the treatment time of 5 to 7 minutes. The shorter treatment time, the least pain and burden of the clients, there is no particular swelling, clients can quickly return to a normal life.

(2) Safe Treatment
The Patented technology used in South Korea Li Xiyong personal physician for more than 10 years of clinical experience and observation, so it is the higher the relative safety course, relatively few side effects.

(3) Natural nose, unrestricted sculpture
The Patented technology can applied to upturned nose, wide nose
wide alar base, deviated nose bridge, arrow nose.

(4) Can be used with traditional rhinoplasty merger
4D Korean high nose technology can be used individually, or applied with restylane treatment or fat transfer for desired ressults.

(5) To correct for the deficiencies of the traditional methods and avoid various risks for repeated treatments.
If the treatment has potential anesthetic risks and side effects, NuMe Doctors will thoroughly explain the potential risks, side effects to the customers, and examine their health status to achieve safe and instant results.