Ulthera HIFU V-face Lifting

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What’s the secret of the Baby-face celebrities who are above 40 but still look to be in early 20s? The answer might not be only good diet and enough sleep every day; some say technology these days really makes magic. NuMe helps you fight the signs of aging with this magic!


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Ulthera HIFU V-Face Lifting is 2014 Latest US Ulthera Ultra-sonic Wave Lifting and Firming Treatment. It helps skin against the effect of gravity. Ultra-sonic waves can safely reach SMAS that could be reached by surgeries only. It is also the only beauty equipment that has attained the ‘Lifting’ approval by FDA. It can produce intensive heat instantly by focusing, lifting skin, smoothening fine lines on face and restructuring skin tissues with SMAS that is 4.5mm, and 1.5mm and 3mm below skin as the target tissue. A 30-minute face lifting treatment with significant effects lasting for 2 years.

Suitable for: Eyes / forehead / double chin / cheek bone / neck / cheek / nasolabial folds


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