Sculptra GPS Face Lifting

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With age and environmental damage, body’s collagen production decreases, the skin structure is weakened. Skin begins to lose its youthful sheen, facial lines and other signs of aging appear.

Sculptra® made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which has been used by physicians for over 30 years. Approved by US FDA, noticeable results that emerge subtly and can last for more than 2 years. Sculptra® Treatment conducted by Sanofi HK registered doctors.

About 30 minutes / session

Generally, an average of 3 sessions are required, may last for 2 years
• wrinkles between the nose and mouth
• Puppet lines
• Hollow Temples
• Recreate the youthful roundness of cheeks
• Chin
• Collagen stimulator PLLA works with deep dermis, stimulated fibroblasts to product new collagen
• New collagen created VOLUME to correct the signs of facial aging eg. temple recession, areas of increased shadowing, to produce a long-lasting natural and youthful look.

If the treatment has potential anesthetic risks and side effects, NuMe consultant will thoroughly explain the potential risks, side effects to the customers, and examine their health status to achieve safe and instant results.