5D Korean-Tech Nose

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Taiwan has a “nose king” famous by his Rhinoplasty implant surgical technique. In Hong Kong, NuMe is well known as “”Hong Kong Nose Queen””, famous by her brilliant nose sculpting technique through only minimally invasive procedure (non-surgically).

NuMe is a leading expert in nose sculpting. dedicated over decades to the perfect nasal lines and angles, focusing on every detail of golden ratio, including the nose bridge, nasal alae, nostrils, columella, nose tip…etc, tailored according to each guest to made for the most suitable perfect nose.

Characteristics of “” Hong Kong Nose Queen “”

(1) first Nose thread lifting expert in Hong Kong
NuMe is the first medical center introducing Korean 4D Misko and 5D HIKO nose for nose thread lifting. Fully Experienced. NuMe delicated to nose thread lifting to achieve better nose sculpting,

(2) Product Specialist

NuMe familiar with the characteristics and performance efficacy of each product. NuMe has over than 10 different brands of filler, such as Restylane, Cleviel, Juvederm, Teosal, Belotero,
Radiesse, Aquamid etc. Only well understand the characteristics of each product, such as molecular size, hardness, viscosity, coheiveness, anti-demormity, resistancy, durability, etc , in order to
select the most appropriate filler for each individual.

(3) Fully experienced

NuMe has over than 10 years of experience, will tailor design each nose according to golden ratio and professional aesthetic view,
will give advice for selection of the most appropriate product, will provide highly skilled tenicque, will perfome with fine professional instrument
with minimally invasive procedure. it is guarantted the nose job would be pretty, natural and safe with little down time.

(4) Safety
There will be no scar. All products acquired certification of US FDA, CE or Korean KFDA, with guaranteed safty.

(5) Breakthrough tenicque to correct a variety of shape problems.

Traditional rhinoplasty has limitation on implant prosthesis. For those troublesome shape problems, such as short nose, big and round nose tip, nostril show, hooked nose, asymmetrical nose , traditional implant may not able to correct these
problems. Hong Kong Nose Queen use structural and mechanical concepts to reach a perfect nose sculpting.

(6) Specialized in repairing failed nose job

Hong Kong Nose Queen is specialized in repairing failed surgical nose job or failed/ wide filler nose.

(7) Equipment Support and close follow up

NuMe is the first aesthetic medical center introducing USA 3D imaging system and skin analysis system. This system has a 36 million-pixel high-resolution images, 360 degree analysis. Can simulate before and after photos for comparison, to provide more professional and accurate assesment, and also better treatment plans. NuMe provide before and after treatment follow up.

(8) Good reputation, Word of mouth
more than 10 thousand positive feedbacks from clients. Endorsements by famous movie star Teresa Mo and beauty contest queen Belinda Ya and many bloggers and celebrity.